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Jovanka Dimitrijevic, 81, is a retired foreign trade clerk from Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. She participates in the activities of the civil society organization (CSO) Amity, which works for the empowerment of older women and improving their position in society. Amity is among the CSOs that are participating in the UN Women project ‘Test it, if you tasted it’, focused on revealing the hidden discrimination against marginalized women.
132 women and men with disabilities, older women and boys as well as boys and girls from vulnerable families of Plopi community received access to local public services through special transport facility. The community of Plopi is located in South of Moldova, over 140 km away from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The commune consists of five villages – Plopi de Sus, Plopii de Jos, Taraclia, Hirtop and Alexandrovca. Plopii de Sus is the largest village, where the...