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The report summarizes UN Women’s key areas of progress and results during the first five months of the full-fledged war in Ukraine. The lives of women and men across Ukraine have been profoundly impacted by the crisis brought on by the escalation to a full-fledged war on 24 February 2022. UN Women acted swiftly to ensure that women and girls affected by the war are supported and that the humanitarian response to the crisis is gender sensitive.
A gender analysis of 477 government socio-economic policy responses adopted in 18 countries and territories in Europe and Central Asia over the first year of COVID-19, reveals that only 7 per cent specifically reference women and can be classified as gender-sensitive. This calls for governments to prioritize gender-responsive policy responses in the context of COVID-19 and emergencies. Measures recorded were in relation to social protection, labour market, and economic, fiscal and business stimulus.