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Moving towards the Gender Equality Index, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2022 presents data and index scores for two full domains, Knowledge and Power and the partial data and index sources for Work and Health as set by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) methodology on analysing the state of gender equality in a society. The report will support the establishment of an evidence base for future effots in achievieng gender equality.
Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina are largely excluded from multi-religious dialogue and peace building in state and religious projects. Part of the “Gender-based Violence and Multi-religious Dialogue” project jointly implemented by the TPO Foundation and Medica Zenica with the support of UN Women, this innovative Dialogue Against Violence training package helps practioners develop skills to overcome cultural stereotypes, behaviours and predetermined gender roles by providing clear insights and positive counter-arguments based on how Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Islam see women’s rights and define gender policy.