"Gender perspectives at the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development 2023"

Gender Perspectives at the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development 2023 Cover Page

This report provides an extensive analysis of how gender equality and women’s empowerment perspectives were integrated into the various segments of the seventh session of the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, held in March 2023. The forum brought together 1,035 participants, all working together to advance progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the region faces multiple crises. 

Specifically, this analysis assesses to which extension gender parity and the mainstreaming of gender perspectives were integrated across the sessions, including the roles of moderators, speakers and participants. Additionally, it provides an overview of significant gender-related topics discussed during each session and notes any relevant gender-related policy action or recommendations that were undertaken. 

The Forum was complemented by over 30 side events alongside Youth and Civil Society Pre-Meetings. These events served as a space for substantive discussions on how to accelerate SDG progress in challenging circumstances, identify priorities for transformative action and foster the exchange of experiences and best practices in SDG implementation.

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