Rapid gender assessment of COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rapid Gender Assessment of COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Robin Haarr, Edita Miftari, Ala Negruta

Rapid Gender Assessment of COVID-19 in  concentrates on the gender aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on how women’s and men’s lives have been impacted and changed in the face of COVID-19, in order to understand the different dimensions of impact and support to women and men in coping with the unprecedented effects of the global pandemic. As a part of the regional effort, UN Women conducted the RGA survey in Bosnia and Herzegovina seeking to identify the impacts of COVID-19 on the population and specific implications of the impact on gender inequalities. The survey was administered in two waves - Wave 1 was conducted in May 2020 to prepare for the COVID-19 recovery, and Wave 2 was conducted in July 2020 to monitor the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the lives of women and men and further adjust the response. The RGA focused on impacts of COVID-19 on employment and livelihood resources, unpaid domestic and care work, and health care and social protection, exploring additional areas such as sources of information on COVID-19 and impact of COVID-19 on discrimination, prejudice, and domestic violence.

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