Women's Human Insecurities Across Tajik-Kyrgyz Borders: An Assessment and Recommendations by Women Activists

Womens Human Insecurities across TajikKyrgyz borders Cover
Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh, Orzu Ganieva

The report is based on what activist women along the Kyrgyz/Tajik border assess about the most pertinent human insecurities that affect their community, organized around the 7 areas of human insecurities as identified by the UNDP 1994 Human Development Report. It looks at common insecurities, the consensus of these on conflicts and everyday lives and provides specific recommendations in terms of strategic and practical solutions (policies, approaches etc.), on how women can contribute jointly (small, cross-border projects) across borders to prevent further violence.

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Subject areas: Peace and security
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