Brochure on Property Rights

Property Rights Brochure
Arijeta Kelmendi, MA in Human Rights and Democracy, assisted by Mary Aguirre-Shahin, OSCE Special Adviser to Kosovo Judicial Institute (KJI), and coordinated by Lumnije KRASNIQI, KJI Program Coordinator, UN Women

This UN Women in Kosovo brochure aims to provide Kosovo women with information on property rights. A guide to the legal aid system, it also provides a lot of information on accessing laws. It is divided in four parts: 1) introduction on property rights; 2) information on the right to inheritance; 3) property in marriage or non registered marriage; 4) a guide to the legal aid system and information on accessing laws.

The brochure explains the main acquired procedural safeguards so women can identify the best approaches to gaining their property rights, while emphasizing how this enables them to be a driving force in the law’s implementation.

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