Report on the Position of Women in the Kosovo Police

Kosovo Police Report
Florie Xhemajli, Local Consultant, supported by the Kosovo Police

The Report on the Position of Women in the Kosovo Police analyses the problems faced by women police officers in Kosovo in the exercise of their professional duties.

It looks at relevant factors, including legislation and statistics on women’s representation in the Kosovo Police, with the aim of introducing complementary policies to prevent such difficulties and to ensure a future favorable environment for women police officers.

The first part of the report reviews the laws and principles of the Kosovo Police that seek to provide an equal opportunity environment, promote safety at work, and eliminate all forms of discrimination in the Kosovo Police.

In addition, the report elaborates on the importance of the efficiency of the Office for Human Rights and Gender Equality of the Kosovo Police, and details its activities, particularly in the Annex.The report’s last two chapters include the Conclusions and Recommendations for the Kosovo Police.

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