Leadership and political participation

Photo: UN Women/Nazym Toganbayeva

Across Europe and Central Asia, women are under-represented in decision-making, elected offices, the civil service, private sector and academia. UN Women works with national governments, civil society and other international actors to promote women’s leadership and political participation in all spheres of life, and address key capacity gaps.

Although political gender equality was imposed when they were Soviet Republics, women today are underrepresented in all elected and non-elected bodies in Central Asia’s countries despite national efforts to reach international commitments.

Women’s representation in Central Asia parliaments has sunk to under 27 per cent – with no measures to ensure that recent increased levels of representation are sustained or broadened.

The UN Women Multi-Country Office develops programme solutions for women’s leadership and political participation that are tailored to each country’s needs. We have supported increased women’s leadership and political participation in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan by:

UN Women in Action

  • We provided technical support to a Kazakhstan multi-stakeholders working group that monitors the enforcement and implementation of gender equality legislation;
  • In Uzbekistan, UN Women supported the Women’s National Machinery to review pending legislation and temporary measures to promote women’s participation in decision-making.