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Making budgets work for gender equality in Europe and Central Asia

13 April 2016

This brief offers a glimpse at how UN Women makes a difference in Europe and Central Asia in gender-responsive budgeting by cooperating with national and local partners to tailor this approach to their priorities. More

Putting women at the forefront of peace and humanitarian action in Europe and Central Asia

13 April 2016

This brief offers a glimpse at how UN Women makes a difference in Europe and Central Asia to ensure women's participation in peace and security and humanitarian action by cooperating closely with an array of national and international actors. More

Gender Assessment of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in Serbia and fYR Macedonia

12 January 2016

This is an assessment of the international and national response to the refugee crisis in Serbia and fYR Macedonia from a gender perspective carried out in Fall 2015. More

Gender Barometer in Serbia: Development and Everyday Life

14 October 2013

First conducted in Serbia in 2006, the Gender Barometer Survey was the first survey to offer a complex analysis of everyday life in Serbia from a gender perspective. The survey presents a complex analysis of everyday life from a gender perspective, analyses trends over time and provides a perspective on the ways gender in Serbia is being transformed. More

Womens Entrepreneurship in Serbia

14 October 2012

This baseline study provides recommendations to improve monitoring and the promotion of business environments for women and best ways to provide support to overcome obstacles faced by women running or starting a business. In a first, it develops a profile of women entrepreneurs in Serbia, and offers insights into the scope and characteristics of women entrepreneurship, factors that encourage women’s entrepreneurship and success, and obstacles women entrepreneurs face in Serbia More

Gender Responsive Budgeting in Public Administration

14 October 2012

This publication represents a summary of gender budgeting results achieved in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia. It aims to serve as a handbook for civil servants interested in gender-responsive budgeting and in mainstreaming gender in public administration. Gender Responsive Budgeting in Public Administration also offers a collection of gender-responsive budgeting experiences and challenges in order to assist and guide public servants and officials as they begin the process of mainstreaming gender public administration. More

Discrimination of Women in the Labour Market in Serbia

09 September 2012

Despite significant efforts to develop legal and institutional frameworks to promote and achieve gender equality in Serbia, women continue to encounter discrimination in Serbia’s labour markets. The study uses data from a Victimology Society of Serbia project to analyse the scope and structure of the discrimination women face in Serbia’s labour markets, and examines social reactions to gender-based discrimination in labour markets. More

Gender Equality in Business

14 October 2011

Gender Equality in Business consists of two parts: the Guiding notes on The Women’s Empowerment Principles including best practices for their application; and the self-assessment questionnaire that was prepared to help Serbian Global Compact members identify existing pro-women practices and provide businesses with useful examples of best practices from leading organisations that already benefit from having adopted the Women’s Empowerment Principles. More

1 - 8 of 8 Results